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Specification type Brand Encapsulation Unit Price Document download
LCMXO2-7000HE-4FTG256I Lattice 256-FTBGA 15.750365781711
LCMXO2-7000HC-5FTG256C Lattice 256-FTBGA 15.750365781711
LCMXO2-7000ZE-3TG144I Lattice 144-TQFP 15.644132743363
LCMXO2-7000HE-6TG144I Lattice 144-TQFP 15.644132743363
LAXP2-5E-5MN132E Lattice 132-CSBGA 15.619530973451
LFE5UM-45F-7MG285C Lattice 285-CSFBGA 15.608903638151
LFE5UM-45F-6MG285I Lattice 285-CSFBGA 15.608903638151
LFE5UM-45F-6BG381C Lattice 381-CABGA 15.488877089479
LFE5U-45F-8MG285C Lattice 285-CSFBGA 15.407020648968
LFE5U-45F-7MG285I Lattice 285-CSFBGA 15.407020648968
LFE5U-45F-7BG381C Lattice 381-CABGA 15.36614159292

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About us

UNIVERSAL INTEGRATION ELECTRONIC LIMITED (UIE) founded on May 16, 2011 is a global electronic component supplier. The company is established in Hong Kong and with branches in Shenzhen.
Our products include active components (diode, triode, IC, IC, crystal oscillator, sensor) and passive components (capacitance, resistance, inductance, etc.), as well as modules (Arduino, RGB / LED digital display module, SD / TF access reading and writing module, SIM / GPRS, sensor module, infrared / temperature and humidity module, relay module, lithium battery module, motor, motor drive module, camera Module, up and down voltage / adjustable power module, clock module, wireless / WiFi network module, Download line / programmer USB, power amplifier module, transfer board / expansion module, etc.), involving power supply, automobile, communication, computer, consumer products, medical, industrial, and other application fields.
Our advanced E-commerce platform encompasses a complete service line of storage, 
transportation and quality test, facilitating the global electronic 
factories to obtain electronic components at a low cost.. Having received the professional training, our team possess a ten year plus experience of sales consultant, purchaser and after-sales personnel, ready to meet the needs of any electronic manufacturer.
Advantages: TI, Atmel, Toshiba, Cypress, NXP, ST, Microchip, AD, Fairchild, Intel, Onsemi, Vishay, Infineon, NEC, CJ, STC, and capacitors (Samsung, Murata, TDK, Yageo, Kemet), electromechanical components (Molex, TE, HRS).
Our slogan is to let high-quality products ride the sail of the world, out of Asia and towards the world!


Contact mailbox uie-ic@yandex.ru
Contact number +86-1314-9926-862
Contact address No. 3006, Shennan middle road, Huaqiang North Street,
                              Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong province, China
Contact ICQ : 437-826-734
Contact skype: zhou198648